As mentioned in the exterior gallery, this is the 2nd new home we’ve completed for this client. They are big fans of the “Greene & Greene” Architecture and the American Craftsman Bungalow of early 1900’s. The most famous of the “Ultimate Bungalow Era” is the “1908 Gamble House” in Pasadena, CA. The design and décor of the interior is right in line with the “Arts and Crafts” era. The owner is a “Master Wood Worker” and absolutely loves Oak!! All the cabinetry, beams and doors are “¼ Sawn White Oak”, which showcases the grain. The custom cabinet bookcases incorporate “Cloud Design-Leaded Glass” that is subtle, yet very classy. One of my favorite touches in the décor is the large stained glass piece that’s inserted in the window. This has been part of their family for decades and this is the 3rd house it’s been integrated into. As you will see, the light shines through and automatically attracts one’s eye to it. The beauty of color and detail is perfectly framed and puts a wonderfully unique exclamation point on an already stunning home. My second favorite custom made piece is the dining room light fixture. The owner built this in his wood shop and is Honduran Mahogany. The detail of woodwork, the leather strapping and the cloud-leaded glass is simply exquisite. The colors of the stained glass box as well as the hanging lamps are just the right amount, achieving a delicate balance of color combinations, without being distracting. Yet another custom subtle touch. Everything in this house was planned from top to bottom with such detail. Rarely does that happen with clients who are not working with a designer. From the overall “Craftsman Bungalow” theme, to the Arroyo Light Fixtures, to the custom stained glass… the individual pieces of Oak furniture they’ve collected along their journey of life, they knew exactly what they wanted “for them”. This was a perfect example of homeowners who had a very specific vision and then surrounded themselves with high quality contractors that were in sync with their plans. It was an honor to be one of those contractors once again. Yes, we spent hours upon hours painting walls and ceilings…..and with all those windows and alllllll that millwork on 2 floors, MORE hours upon hours of extremely detailed prep and painting….the truth is…..we were just part of team of contractors they assembled to help bring their unique vision to life… and they couldn’t be happier!!